Profit with Text Messaging

Text messaging through SMS (Short Message Service) is the most common method for reaching people with mobile marketing. It is extremely powerful, but you also have to be very careful about how you use it.

Up until now, many people have to pay for their text messages. They may get a few for free, but generally they can only receive a certain number of them. For this reason, people don’t typically like to see direct marketing text messages. This is changing though, with text messaging being the most popular way of communicating with teens and young adults. Many providers are now giving consumers unlimited or very high limits on their text messaging.

Regardless, you must gain permission from anyone you’re marketing to via SMS. It’s not only the law, but it’s a good business practice.

Instead, it’s important to be more subtle with your marketing.

There are two major ways to accomplish this:

1. You can send them a friendly text or an informative text and simply drop a link to your mobile friendly website or landing page.

2. You can provide them a valuable service or product for free, using that as a platform for your marketing.